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Run Your Property On Solar Power 24/7

Harness the free, clean and renewable solar power to produce low-cost electricity for your property – be it a small home or a large commercial property spread across acres. At Efforts Solar, we provide high-quality, advanced and pocket-friendly solar energy solutions. We have India’s best solar systems for homes and commercial properties. Our extensive range of solar panels, batteries and inverters are a notch above competition, ensuring that we exceed all your expectations and fulfill your solar energy requirements.

Turn your Rooftop into Your Own Power Plant and Save Money!

Electricity rates are touching the sky now! And this is affecting everyone – be it a homeowner or a business owner. Solar system installation enables to you fulfil your daily energy requirement, without breaking your bank! You can save up to 82% annually on the electricity bills.

Go Green. Go Solar

The climate change and rising temperature of the earth have made it imperative for us to explore and utilise a clean source of energy. Solar panels use the clean solar power to generate electricity, thus makes a significant contribution towards reducing carbon emissions. Are you considering to equip your rooftops with solar panels? Talk to Us Now!

Our Solar Services

Installation and

Easy Monthly

Reduce Electricity
Bill to zero


Save Money on
Electricity Bill

Largest range of Solar PV Modules & Inverters

Out of all the globally recognized, top of the range selection of Solar Panels and Inverters, so you can have access to all the best technologies of the world to choose from.

Our Quality Assurance

We take quality very seriously. As well as all Efforts Enterprises products are also ISO accredited to ensure your solar system meets all Indian Safety Standards.

Simpler Process For Going Solar

Process begins with in-house consultation and from there we just take care of everything, starting from installations, grid connection applications and organizing your government subsidy rebates.

Greater Customer Experience

Experience like no other organization around. Yes, yet another big claim, touch base with us and find out for your self. Or just look us up and see for your self what others say about us.

Best Price Guarantee

We believe, Price is not the only factor because when it comes to Solar; Quality, Safety & Sales Support also matters. And yet, we guarantee, if you find the same combination of panels and inverter lower than us elsewhere.

Quicker Turnarounds

We are all about getting you up and running as soon as possible. As you would know there is a fair bit of process, and multiple organisations involved and yet for us, installation only takes a day.

Our Landmark Project: Akota Bridge(1 Megawatt)

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